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F1+ resin tips

When using this range of F1+ resin in your printer you may need to undertake some calibration tests to find the best settings for your machine.


Fun To Do resin for Formlabs printers

The following information is designed to assist you achieve consistent high quality prints from the range of Fun To Do resins designed for Formlabs printers (Form1 and Form1+).

The general perception is that the object should be rock hard when it leaves the printer, this is a misconception. Your print will achieve complete hardness during the post curing process, using either a UV chamber or left in a sunlit area (Please note if the model is large it will need to be rotated to reduce cracking as one side cures faster than the other side).

This family of resin has been designed from the ground up and has been fully tested on the Form1 and Form1+. As we were part of the testing team and have some tips below to get you started.

  • This range of resins are much thinner, about the same consistency of olive oil and we recommend that you mix / agitate the resin regularly as the pigment can sink if left to stand for long periods between prints.
  • If the pigment is not completely mixed you could get print failures due to part cured resin/pigment moving around the VAT.
  • All the resins were tested using the "version 1" settings on the printer for each colour.
  • Be aware that resin can be washed away from small areas that join larger sections, so additional bracing maybe required.
  • You may require additional / larger support points for your model due to resin washing away as mentioned above.
  • During testing we found that in some cases the build platform height had to be adjusted to ensure the parts attach to the bed correctly.

These are just some pointers to get you started for using FTD resin, however some experimentation on your part will be required as the environment you work in and your models could cause different results.

Should you require further assistance please email (attach images to assist us analyse your challenge) or call us.