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Cleaning your models

Listed below are a couple of cleaning and finishing tips to help you post cure and clean your models.


Fun To Do finishing tips

The following information is designed to assist you clean and finish your print when using Fun To Do resins.

Method one: (quick method - most commonly used)

  1. Print object.
  2. Clean object with alcohol. Don't use acetone! Put the object in a jar or similar with alcohol, and swirl (shake) till the excess resin has been removed (this takes about two minutes).
  3. Use a soft brush (make up brush or similar) to clean if necessary. 
  4. Don't leave the object in the alcohol!
  5. Blow dry the object with compressed air (or by blowing with your mouth).
  6. Remove supports if the object is cured enough (otherwise wait till after the post cure).
  7. Put object under UV light for post curing.

The object is cured when you nail doesn't leave scratch marks.

Method two: (microscopically fine, post cure method)

  1. Print the object.
  2. Put the object in an ultrasonic cleaning bath with a solution of  demineralised  water and 3% Sonixlab TEK33 (universal cleaning solution for ultrasonic, kind of soap) for about 180 seconds is usually enough, if not repeat for a second time. Bath temperature 35C.
  3. Flush with demineralised water.
  4. Blow dry object with compressed air.
  5. Remove supports if the object is cured enough. (otherwise wait till after the post cure).
  6. Put the object under UV for post curing +- 1 hour.
  7. Optionally: In the oven at a 60C for about an hour.  Then increase heat to 100 for another hour. 

Let the object cool down in the oven.

Safety First.
When using the Fun To Do resins or cleaning alcohol (Isopropyl alcohol) please refer to the safety data sheets as supplied by the manufactures, including the use of protective gloves, clothing, safety glasses and masks.

Peedie Models and Fun To Do cannot be held responsible whatsoever if the user ignores or otherwise chooses to disregard the safety advice as set out in the manufactures data sheets.